Less Stressful For Cats

Advantages Of Hiring A Cat Sitter. A Stress Free Solution

Cats sure do love to stay at home. They thrive in their own environment and may not like heading to the vet or to the kennel. Hiring a cat sitter when you go on vacation is a stress free and easy way for you to set up care for your beloved kitty.

Our Most Popular Service

About 65% of our services are for booked for cats. The other 35% of our services are for clients with dogs, bunnies, reptiles, chickens, and more.

Also, while a Paws At Home cat sitter is at you home, they can take care of your other pets and help with house sitting duties.  We can water plants, take trash to the curb, rotate lights and blinds, and even take trash to the curb.

Cat Sitting VS The Kennel

With pet sitting, there is no need to worry about your cat being rattled by other unfamiliar kitties. Or picking up infections diseases. No stress shedding and you kitty can relax by her favorite window and take a stay-cation while you are away.

We Specialize In All Things Cat

We train our sitters how to speak cat. You can see more about how we connect with shy cats in our Scaredy Cat article.

We can also give any medications, including insulin shots and Sub-Q fluids. We take our time giving cats medications and make sure your cat feels good about us giving them the medications they need. 

Booking Cat Sitting Visits

Social cats often need longer visits so they can get all the the playtime and snuggles that they need. If your cat need a medication, you might want to book an extra 15-minutes, just so your cat is not rushed. I also recommend booking a visit that matches the times that your cat usually eats. For more information see our article about best cat sitting visit lengths.

Most pet sitters have time slots during the day that you can request. You can see more about pet sitting time blocks here.

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