What Is A NAPPS Certification for Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Pet Sitter - Dog Walker Certification

The NAPPS certification is a certification that is designed specifically for pet sitters and dog walkers. We maintain a NAPPS certification at Paws At Home by completing 10 Continuing Education Credits, related to the pet care industry, per year.

The initial certification requires about 600 pages of reading and 500 test questions to be completed. The topics covered are:

  • Dog & cat behavior
  • Nutrition for dogs and cats
  • Common pet medical issues
  • Safe handling practices for pets
  • Dog & cat body language
  • Bird health and safety
  • Reptile Care
  • Fish care
  • Bunny best practices
  • Disaster planning for pets
  • And more

Certified Pet Expert.com Certifications

Pet Sitter Certification

In 2019 we have launched a sister company, Certified Pet Expert.com, which offers a pet sitting and dog walking certification.

Through Certified Pet Expert.com (CPE) we offer pet sitting and dog walking specific online training courses, exams, and a certification. Our certification covers the hands on knowledge that pet sitters need to a great job at each visit. 

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