Pet Sitting VS Boarding

When I was in college I worked at a very upscale kennel. We did a very good job at ensuring the pets needs were met, and more often than not the care we provided far exceeded basic needs. But kennel care is no match to what in-home care can provide.

There is a huge contrast between In-Home Pet Care and kennel care.  In a kennel, pets are basically locked in a cage for a large percentage of the day and left to wonder why their family brought to this strange place. Thinking, will my family come back? Will I be picked up by a new family? Where did all these other dogs come from? Why are they here? Why am I in a cage? I liked the couch and my mom & dad’s bed! I want to lay in the grass in my own backyard .. Who are all of these unhappy dogs?

In-your-home pet care is the alternative and will leave your pets feeling safe and secure. Cats and dogs thrive on consistency and enjoy staying at home.  The will love walking their regular routes and staying in the environment they feel most comfortable, your home. Cats especially do better with in-your-home care vs kenneling. Cat sitting is a stress free way to set up vacation care. Cats can get very stressed with any kind of change and pet sitting is really the perfect service for cats.

If this is your first time hiring a pet sitter, you may want to check out our 7-tips for hiring a great pet sitter or what length visits should I book for my dog and what length visits should I book for my cat.

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