Pet Sitting VS Dog Walking

We are often asked what the differences are between Pet Sitting visits and Dog Walking visits. The best way to think about it is: 

  • Pet Sitting Visits are for vacations.
  • Dog Walking visits are for when you are working long hours or not able to walk your dog yourself.

What are Dog Walking Visits?

Dog walking visits are generally set up as a regularly scheduled, ongoing service.  They are meant to give your dog a break from the kennel or a break from being cooped up inside during the day.

Why Hire A Dog Walker?

Here are a few common reasons why you would hire a dog walker.

When Working Long Hours

Dog walking for perfect for times you are working long hours and your dog would like to get outside for some fresh air. 

Health Issues

A dog walking service can also be a great help for those diagnosed with back problems, carpal tunnel, or any health issue that might effect how you are able to walk your dog.

If we are walking a dog because the client has a health problem, sometimes the client will come out on the walk wit us too! 

This is great if the client is feeling up to because they can enjoy time out with their dog, but not have to worry about their dog pulling on the leash when bee-lining towards a bunny!

Dog Agression

Sometimes dogs do not get along well with other dogs. This is very common and we know how to help. If you dog is fearful or protective, a dog walker can be a great option for getting your pup some time outside.

Pet Sitting VS Dog Walking Cost

Dog Walking visits are usually a little bit less expensive than pet sitting visits because dog walks are scheduled more regullarly. Also not as many services are included with dog walking.

Pet Sitting VS Dog Walking - Included Services

Dog Walking will services include:

  • A nice walk focused on making your dogs happy!
  • Picture message updates
  • Reward Based Training
    • Loose leash manners
    • Confidence boosting Games
  • Exploring & Sniffs
  • Administering Medications

Pet Sitting Includes:

  • Everything included in Dog Walking
  • Watering plants
  • Taking trash to the curb
  • Rotating lights and blinds
  • Cleaning litter boxes
  • Checking over the house

Cancellation Fees​

Dog walking visits will usually have more flexible scheduling than pet sitting.

Dog Walking

Many dog walking companies have very strict cancellation policies for dog walking. I hope this will change. Here at Paws At Home, we understand that life happens – and the plans for your day can change on a dime. So, we offer very flexible scheduling for dog walks. 

We try to keep slots available for dog walks, even if you need to schedule within 24 hours. We can sometimes even get you set up the same day at no extra fee, but we can not always guarantee we will have same day availability. 

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting visits, especially visits that are booked over a holiday are subject to more strict cancelation fees. This is because there is generally less capacity in the narrow time blocks that pet sitting requires, especially the morning time block. 

So, once a sitter is at full capacity, they cant book any more visits. If you cancel, the sitter can’t recoup that, so a cancelation fee is charged. 

4 thoughts on “Pet Sitting VS Dog Walking”

  1. It’s good to clearly understand that pet sitting is the best option when you are going on a vacation for quite some time and in which you won’t be able to bring your pet. I was discussing with my sister on how are we going to leave our golden retriever since we are about to go on a trip next week. Hopefully, we can find a dog sitter that knows well and properly on how to tend to the needs of our beloved dog.

    1. Hi Sam! I’m glad you found the information useful 🙂 If you are near Fort Collins, CO we would love to help out! We can help you find a pet sitter in your area too.

      All the best!
      Kyle Haubrich
      Owner – Paws At Home

  2. Do you have any pet sitters who can stay overnight? We are a senior couple, and in a health crisis we have no one to call on in Fort Collins to take care of our 3 dogs!

    1. I am sorry, we currently do not offer overnights. Have you tried PoochyDoos or Wet Noses?
      I hope you found someone that can help,
      Kyle Haubrich

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