The 3 Best Pet Sitters in Fort Collins, CO

Are you looking for the best pet sitters in Fort Collins? You came to the right place. Finding a reliable local pet sitter or dog walker can be a challenge. But no worries, here are the the best pet sitters near you. 

1. Paws At Home

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Paws At Home

Paws At Home Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in Fort Collins is our number one pick for pet sitters in the area. Paws At Home offers spectacular service and a very fair price. 

Paws At Home has a team of pet sitters that are background checked, insured, and bonded. The team is 100% Employees too, rather than contractors. 

There are no extra fees for multiple pets and no extra fees for holiday visits. They offer flexible scheduling for dog walking and have a large team to offer pet sitting over holidays. 

They have a local manager available for 24/7 customer support while your pets are in their care. 

Paws At home has maintained a NAPPS certification since 2015 and has started a sister company that provides online courses teaching best practices for pet sitters and dog walkers.

They offer service for dogs, cats, bunnies, horses, chickens, ducks, reptiles, and more.

They have a philosophy of “No fear, No pain” dog training that focuses on understanding more about how a dog’s brain works. 

Paws At Home always strives for 100% customer satisfaction and is focused on making happiness and safety of your pets is their #1 priority

2. Wet Noses

Pet Sitting

Wet Noses Pet Sitting has been in business for over 7 years. They started small in the Sidehill neighborhood but have grown to have one of the largest pet sitting teams in Fort Collins. 

They offer a range of services from pet sitting, pet hospice, yard cleanup, and horse visits. They do not charge extra for holiday visits and have a local manager available for customer support.

3. Poochy Doos

Poochy Doos

Poochy Doos offers service in Fort Collins and Loveland. They have a team of seven sitters and walkers. They offer pet sitting, dog walking and dog hiking. Their prices are in the same range as other pet sitting companies that have a team of sitters. They hire contractors rather than employees. 

The owner offers a dog walking meetup and is a partner with Hope Lives. A local manager is available for support while you are away. Poochy Doos also offers coaching for other pet sitters through their sister company, The Carewright.


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