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Hello and thank you for your interest in Paws At Home! Please read through our Office Admin job description and if you feel this job would be a good fit for you, please fill out our application below.

Dallas Sapla – Owner & Pet Sitter

Office Admin Job Description

In order to be successful with Paws at Home you need to be a reliable and friendly point of contact for new clients, current clients, and employees.  The Office Admin will take calls, manage emails, schedule visits, and coordinate with our team of pet sitters. This position also includes helping with our hiring process, calling new applicants, bringing on new clients through sales calls, scheduling visits, and completing some pet sitting and dog walking visits. Our company has a heavy focus on continuously improving the way we do business. You will be expected to help write and review documentation and a variety of other projects.

How often will I be working?

We generally get 0-5 calls per day from new clients and current clients. New client onboarding / sales calls, on average, take 30 minutes. An update from a current client takes 5-10 minutes. You will also need to update client profiles and communicate updates to the team through our company messaging system. 

We also get a number of messages and updates through email. Each day you will need to check our customer support messaging system, communicate, and make updates as needed. We currently get between 10 and 30 emails per day. 

The workload takes about 1-5 hours per day, 5 days per week and will likely increase as our company grows. 

The busy times fluctuate throughout the year. The summer travel months and any week that includes a holiday are generally busy. Usually, the first week of the month is slow, as well as January, February, and October.

How much will I be paid?

You are paid for the hours that you are working through emails, taking phone calls, and working on other projects. You are not paid for a set block of time. You will need to keep track of your hours and report them each pay period.  Some time entries may be 10 minutes, some entries may be an hour or two.

Right now we can set you up with around 15-20 hours per week and $700 – $1000 per month. 

Where will I be working?

The first few weeks is a training period and you will be working with our team in the mid-town office so you can get a feel for the expectations of the job and the day to day work. You will also be trained in professional pet sitting and dog walking by our team. 

Once your training period is complete, you can decide when you want to work, from our mid-town office or from your home (Update: Work will be remote until our team is fully vaccinated). We can forward the calls that you would be responsible for to your cell phone and set you up with a desk phone in your home. We use cloud-based apps that you can access from any computer with a web browser. We have an online knowledge base for any documentation or forms you may need.

One to two days per week you will need to come into the mid-town office to print forms, restock pet sitter kits, scan items, and complete other office tasks and maintenance. (Update: This is postponed until our entire team is vaccinated)

Because our office admins also do some pet sitting and dog walking, we prefer to hire candidates who live within our service area or very close to it.

What are some of my other job duties?

– Reviewing job applications

– Completing phone interviews for new hires

– Sales calls with clients, onboarding new clients

– Light work on our website 

– Using Google Workspace

– Thoroughly learn our current process before making improvements

– Check mail at Old Town 

– Pick up and drop off keys at Old Town Location

– Pick up supplies from Petco and other stores occasionally 

– Making keys and entering keys into our online system

– Help with the occasional rare pet emergency situation. Coordinate an action plan in the best interest of client & pet

– Relay client notes to pet sitters in the field

– Schedule pet sitting and dog walking visits

– Communicate with current clients

– Write form emails and other documentation

Of course, we are willing to train the right candidate. We are looking for someone that is excited to learn new things and help out.

How much pet sitting and dog walking will I be doing?

I believe Office Admins should be doing some pet sitting and dog walking visits so they know what they are selling when onboarding a new client or coordinating with pet sitters in the field. 

You will be doing 1-2 visits 3 days per week, between 3 and 6 visits per week. Each visit takes 30-50 minutes. This will add 2-5 hours per week in addition to your office admin hours. You will have the option to pick up more visits if you like. 

We will train you for pet sitting and dog walking and have you complete a number of shadow visits with our experienced pet sitters.

Will I need to work on holidays?

Pet sitting and dog walking is inherently a seven-day a week business and we are most busy during the times people travel and on all of the holidays. You will be expected to work two of three major winter holidays. (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years). There are usually very few calls or emails that come in on an actual holiday and you can work remotely. But, if you like, you can choose to take on pet sitting and dog walking visits to earn a larger paycheck.

What days will I have off?

You will have two days off per week. Currently, our office admins generally take Saturday and Sunday off. 

This is a thorough list of job duties, but should not be considered complete. Paws At Home may add or subtract from this list.

There will be some other projects.

This is a thorough list of job duties, but should not be considered complete. Paws At Home may add or subtract from this list.

Paws At Home

Application For Employment

Once you have read the entire job description, please apply. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Please note, for pet sitting and dog walking, you will be driving your car to and from visits. You will also need to use a smartphone that can handle a few more apps. You will use your cell phone to clock in and out of visits, send picture message updates and more.
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